Chernobyl Tour

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear an accident
that occurred on 26 April 1986 at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in then
officially Ukrainian SSR. All people were evacuated from Chernobyl
and the districts in a few days after an accident. Chernobyl is a dead town…

We organize this tour only if we have 5+ persons in a group!
Please be so kind to book this tour at least 10-14 days in advance!

Unique offer! If you have a group of 10+ people – this tour might cost only 80EUR for you!

Available: anyday

Price: starts only from 89EUR!

Duration: full day.

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Travel to Chernobyl. Reveal the secrets

The Chernobyl alienation zone is a territory which has been forbidden for a free access. It all occured as a result of a disaster which happened more than 30 years ago. Pripyat’river, Chernobyl town, and a part of Kyiv region had suffered from а disaster. Generally, it has an influence for the whole world.

Being in the Chernobyl and having Chernobyl tours, you will feel a terrific scale of these events which had changed the history of all civilization. The nature got free from the human here. Today the Chernobyl zone is accessible for everyone who would like to see this town full of fear and get into the center of the history. You have an opportunity to plan your Chernobyl tour so that to visit a sarcophagus built above the power electric station.

But most of us are afraid of dangerous radiation level, and it stops us when one wants to visit this place. For sure, it is normal. But frankly speaking, is it really so dangerous as it seems? There are several facts you must know when you plan your trip to Chernobyl. A level of radiation in a zone of Chernobyl is the same as during the plane flight. The next fact: tour to Chernobyl is possible just under the one condition – having a passport for which issued an entry permit. In the other case you will not get an access. Pay attention to this moment. Lastly, any time you may refuse the excursion, but Chernobyl tours price is non-refundable.

Once having seen Chernobyl or Pripyat’, you will deeply sink into the mysticism of this place. It will show you the different sides of a “simple life”. Maybe it is the main goal of this trip – to fill a person completely with deep impresions. Surely, Chernobyl is quite a dangerous location for the people but Chernobyl Pripyat’ tours are organized the way to protect the visitors from the radiation.

Our touristic company offers everyone understanding of the secret of dead Pripyat’ via visiting the main “sightseeing” of this mystery. This unusual adventure would help you to change your life outlooks. The Chernobyl tours cost is not high and, therefore, it is accessible to everyone.