Jewish Kiev Tour

There are thousands of Jewish people who live in Kiev nowadays.
Unfortunately they have suffered a lot during the history.
We offer you a chance to explore the remains of the biggest tragedy - Babyn Yar.
A place where hundred thousand people were killed in times of the World War II.
Also we`ll take you to the biggest synagogues in Kiev. You`ll never forget it.

Available: anyday

Duration: 2,5 hours


1 person - 39EUR

2-3 guests - 30EUR each

4-10 guests - 25EUR each


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The history of Jews in Kyiv

Many centuries of the 1,500-year-long history of Kyiv the fate of Jews and the Jewish community as a whole was inseparably connected to the successful and often tragic history of Kyiv. Lazar' Brodskiy i Lev Ginzburg, Sholom-Aleykhem i Golda Meir, Iosif Trumpel'dor i Isaak Babel', Vladimir Gorovits, and other Jews in any epoch were somehow related to the capital of our country. They invaluably contributed for our city. The guests and the residents of Kiev will have a lot of pleasure to know more and touch this part of memory – Jewish Kiev.

Impressing facts, archive information, historical places, and antique builders – all of this is the significant history of Jews in Kyiv. Unquestionable fact is that they are strongly loved in the capital of Ukraine. Noone knows when and who was the first of the Jews on the territory of Kyiv. The most ancient period when the Jews appeared there is hidden deep in centuries. But we know exactly that it was а settlement in the IX century in the region of city gates which named “Zhidovskiye”. And the first written document in Hebrew was - "The Kiev letter" - written in the first half of the 10th century and stored in the library of Cambridge University today.

For long times Jewish community was oppresed. The destruction of the Jews on the Ukrainian lands took place in periods of several war decrees of Polish kings and later by Russian emperors - limited or completely interrupted lives of the Jewish people in the city. On our Jewish heritage tours you will be aware about all the facts of this nation.

And then there were revolutions and a change of power in Kiev with Jewish liquidation, known in Slavic countries as “pogroms”. Then happened Soviet power established in 1937, and German occupation occurred having led to the terrible tragedy of Babyn Yar. But life didn’t not stop. About the modern being of the Jewish community in Kiev we can learn in the Central Synagogue.