The electric mix of sculptures that make up Landscape Alley can make you feel like you are walking through Alice in Wonderland in Guell Park while being shot at by mosaic tiles.

A far cry from the rest of the city’s concrete, bland, and oppressive Soviet architecture, it is no wonder Landscape Alley is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. It’s a tantalizing world of fantasy which helps bring out our inner child and all the bliss and innocence of that time. Through a place of imagination and creativity and of childhood innocence and naivety, Landscape Alley also remains elements of Kiev’s past.
The commanding views from this hilltop location create a stunning panoramic of some of Kiev’s most famous and important places: Podil, the center of Ancient Kiev, the Zamkova Hora.

The park was designed in the 1980’s by Abraham Miletsky as part of the History and Architecture Reserve’s “Ancient Kiev”initiative. It was supposed to be an extension of a line of other museums that would follow Kiev’s original fortification walls, which protected Kiev from Invaders in Kiev Rus times.

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