Mezhyhirya (Ex-President's Residence) Tour

This is a tour to the former residence of Victor Yanukovych in the village Petrivtsi (Kyiv region).
140-hectare complex “Mezhyhiria” surrounded by five-meter fence around the perimeter.
The property includes marina, equestrian club, archery range, tennis court and a hunting ground.
Journalists and politicians called the “Mezhyhiria” a symbol of presidential corruption
scale and Museum of corruption. Definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Ukraine.

This tour includes:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Transfer on a very comfortable car
  • Entrance tickets to the territory
  • English speaking guide
  • Home made vodka shot ;)
  • Hotel drop off

Available: anyday

Duration: 4-5 hours

Please send us an email if you have any questions!


1 person - 99EUR

2 guests - 75EUR each

3 guests - 65EUR each

4 guests - 55EUR each

Big discounts for the big groups!


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Mezhyhirya – the historical place

Mezhyhirya is a beautiful natural boundary near the Dnipro, situated in the Noviye Petrovcy village not so far from Kyiv. It is located in the deepest valley between the mountains that explains the name of this place. Before the 1935, on the territory of the residence was situated a friar. When Kyiv became the capital of Ukraine, instead crushed monastery buildings there appeared the cottages of a government residence.

The territory of Mezhyhirya is more than 140 hectares. Recently it was closed and perceived as a secret place. But from the February, 23 former President residence was transferred into the property of government.

With a special pleasure we wanna present you Mezhyhirya tour. This is such a clean and amazing territory with the forest, fountains, lakes, little beautiful bridges, and fresh air. You can walk around the shore of “Kyiv sea” and will have the opportunity to hear curious historical facts. Relying on the events of recent years, people called it “a museum the corruption”.

You must see “the Honka” and one of the biggest and rich zoo there. It is possible to order a Yanukovich house tour on our site and soon to enjoy the beautiful place. You have to fall into the kingdom of beauty and luxury. Our guide tells you many interesting and secret facts. You will not be bored or tired. His stories are about the historical importance of the residence, even the guesswork about the location of the library of Yaroslav Mudruy. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

You are still thinking about the Mezhyhirya residence tour? Don’t hesitate! Just be sure to get your future best impressions. Feel by yourself a real history of the place which cossacks named “Zaporozhskaya Lavra”.