Podil is rightly considered to be one of the most popular district in Kyiv.

One popular song begins with the words :”No Kyiv without Podil “.Craftsmen worked here, businessmen traded here, the “fathers if the city “sat in the Magistrates Hall here and they all prayed in the numerous Podil churches.

Nestled in the lowland of the Dnipro’s right bank, Podil has been inhabited as far back as the Stone Age. Podil is ideally located on the river as a center for trade.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy -Ukraine’s oldest university-was founded in Podil.

At the heart of Podil you will find Kontraktova Square. For centuries this was the center of business and trade life in Kyiv. From the Upper City you can walk to Andrew Descent, referred to as a “Kyiv’s Montmartre . Here, painters exhibit and sell their pictures, crafters sell utensils and souvenirs, collectors sell unique vintage and antique curiosities.

This district’s atmosphere combines old exquisite buildings, quiet streets, churches and the famous Zhytniy Market. A walk around Podil is a truly unforgettable experience.

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