Street Art Tour

After the Revolution that happened in Ukraine, the city government
officially allowed the street art in Kiev. That`s why hundreds of artists not only
from Ukraine but from the different European countries are coming here to create
something unique. Let us show you the best masterpieces in Kiev.

This tour includes:

  • Street Art
  • Street Art
  • Street Art :)


Available: anyday

Duration: 2 hours


1 person - 35EUR

2-3 guests - 25EUR each

4-10 guests - 18EUR each


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Street art in Kyiv: special tours for everyone

The capital of Ukraine – Kyiv is not just a historical, archaeological, and cultural center. Kyiv is the modern megalopolis with a thousand year history models and cultural heritage of many generations of our ancestors. The modern art was gone beyond museums to the streets.

Terra Incognita, the unknown land. It is our country’s name created by the artists-muralists 5-6 years ago. Street-art in Ukraine was practically absent before. ‘Couse people didn’t realize what is a true graffiti and how amazing it can is. So-called ugly smear on the walls is often accompanied by obscene signatures. When our country began preparation for the Euro-2012, the situation changed. People decided to make Kyiv more bright, memorable, and beautiful for the citizens and the tourists.

The gallery “Lavra” had the initiative to provide the festival of street-art – “Muralissimo”. To this event a lot of foreign painters were invited, and they presented our country several gorgeous works on the walls. And it was a really perfect idea to make Kyiv better. A very short time has passed and today street art tourism belongs to the most interesting objects of street-art in Kyiv. And it will take more than one day to inspect all the city wall paintings by your own.

From the unknown land, Ukraine has transformed into the “Tabula rasa” - a clean place attractive for everyone, surely, including painters. Kyiv got visited by many artists from all over the world. Now murals became an integral part of the city giving it special flavor. The residents of Kiev have more and more interest in this kind of art. They wait for one's turn of those buildings that will be decorated with graffiti. They named all the walls pictures in Kyiv. And it’s not the end.

We will have a street art tour and provide you around different places of our city where you could see Kyiv from a new perspective.