The 3PM Soviet Kiev Tour

This tour will take you around the remnants of Ukraine’s political past.

You will see:

  • Visible remnants of the greatest revolution on Ukrainian history;
  • Arch of International Friendship;
  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Cabinet of Ministers;
  • Dynamo Football stadium;
  • Ukrainian Parliament;
  • Mariinskiy palace;
  • Ivan Franko’s National Theatre;
  • and the most excessively luxurious street in Kiev!

Available: anyday

Price: free

Tips: always appreciated

Reservation: required from Monday to Friday

Meeting Point

The Founders of Kyiv Monument,
Kiev, Ukraine

Please note that in the winter season between November 15th and March 30th,
a free pre-registration is required to join any tour Monday to Friday.
On weekends, you can come along to either tour without pre-booking.

* Please be so kind to book a tour at least 2 hours in advance!
That`s how we`ll make sure to organize it for you properly.

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