The “Motherland “monument dominates the skyline and is one of Kyiv’s recognizable landmarks.

The author of monument is an Ukrainian sculpture Vasyl Boroday. It depicts a woman holding a sword and a shield with a state emblem of the USSR engraved .Together with its pedestal,it reaches to 102 meters.

The sculpture weighs 500 tones.The steel woman brandishes a 9-ton sword in her right hand and 13- ton shield in her left.

The “Motherland “monument is a unique structure.It is made of stainless steel.A special devise has been attached to the top of the sword to help neutralize the effect of strong winds on the monument.Inside the monument itself there are two operational elevators.They are located at the height of 36,6 and 91 meters,offering unique views of Kyiv and the Dnipro river.

“Motherland ” monument faces towards Moscow. Kyivans joke that she defends against Russians , a joke has taken a new meaning during this time of war.

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