Nowadays Kiev is becoming very popular destination for tourists from all around the world. That happens not only because of it`s rich history and gorgeous sights, but also because of the beautiful, hardworking and kind people who live here.

Our team of young and talented Ukrainians is happy to announce that we have started our own company to show you the best places in Kiev, tell you the most interesting facts and stories and learn to love this amazing city as much as we do.

As you can understand from the name of our company, first of all we offer tourists a wide variety of walking tours in Kiev. We have both free tours and private tours.

Free walking tours go to the most popular and most interesting destinations in Kiev. We believe that tourists don`t have to pay for the tour in advance. We make sure that guides do their best to show you around and you name the price after the tour is done. All our guides are very smart, funny and easygoing. That`s why our tours are definitely the best among other free walking tours in Kiev.

Besides free tours, we also have many private tours for those who want to know more interesting stories about Kiev. Take one of these tours and you will have an opportunity to see some unusual places that are far from the city center. Gorgeous palaces in Mezhyhirya, amazing parks in Feofania and unique villages in Pirigovo are waiting for you 😉 These tours are not free, but not a bank-breaker. However this unforgettable experience is definitely worth it!

Our main mission is to become your friends while doing the tours. Feel free to ask anything you want. We will be happy to solve the problems you might have. If you have some problems in understanding Ukrainian alphabet – our guides will help you.

We are doing these for you to have the best time in your lifetime.

Have a wonderful time in Kiev!

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