Every year last Saturday of November Ukrainian people light thousands of candles to commemorate the victims of the most terrible tragedy – Genocide of Ukrainian nation.
The Holodomor (based on two Ukrainian words: holod – “hunger, starvation, famine”, and moryty –“to induce suffering”, was an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people, commuted by the Soviet Communist regime in 1932-1933.
In the very heart of Europe-in a region considered to be the Soviet Union’s breadbasket- Stalin’s Communist regime committed a horrendous act of genocide against millions of Ukrainians.
The 1932-1933 famine was not caused by bad harvest or drought. An ancient nation of agriculturists was subjected to starvation, one of most ruthless forms of torture and death .The government imposed exorbitant grain quotas, in some cases confiscating supplies down to the last seed. The territory of Soviet Ukraine was isolated by armed units, so that people could not go in search of food to the neighboring Soviet regions where it was more available.
As a result by the end of 1933 Ukraine was depopulated by man-made famine.
The national elite was destroyed.
Church and spiritual life lay in ruins.
Ukraine lost family values.
Ukraine lost national, political and social life for decades.

Let’s bow our heads

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